Friday, May 1, 2009


Oh ya i forgotten to tell you about something really happy this week. Not that you are very eager to know lol. Just layan a bit la. I went New Zealand Natural on Tuesday and took 8 scoops of ice cream FOR 15 bucks!!!! =D

They were having this promotion thingy for those born in the year 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 (i.e. the young ones muahahaha). Can get a free scoop of ice cream and buy the large 3 scoops one for 50%! Wooo. Only for this week thou.

Note that i only tell you now. The last day. HAHA

Also note that i didnt tell you it's only from 5-8pm. HAHA

Why i can imagine kui san shaking her head saying "this girl syok sendiri" as she read this. haha HI SAN! You still haven't bring me to sunway to shop :(

You better not read.

First bodoh incident:

Confirm fail physics mocks.

Second bodoh incident:
Went to cineleisure for zara warehouse sale and find the queue to be super long. San, rei, darsh and me decided not to q to enter and cram with other girls. Got guys join in the q some more. Ish.

Third bodoh incident:
Okay. This is the worst. We went shopping a little bit around Ikano. I just finish trying t-shirts in the fitting room, brought in a pair of yellow shorts and at last didnt try also- lazy. When i came out, i realised eh why my pants so loose one. And then when i looked down, OH NO my shorts is unbuttoned and unzip!! In my mind i was like OH F*CK. And i walked out of the fitting room just like that. Worse, there is a guy standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. WTF. I immediately turned around and look at darsh, whispered to her what happened. Damn, laughing at me like bodoh. Quickly rush in to a fitting room to button in back. And then i counted one minute before going out so that i dont have to meet that guy again. T__________T Damn bodoh. I was laughing at myself in the fitting room. I can be very funny at times that i laugh at myself. And also, obviously the guy saw what happened la T_________T Thank God that guy was not there anymore when i walked out. Phew. Counted extra 30 seconds just to be safe.

The thing is, I am used to stuff like this happening to me. Just last week in college, i open a door that i thought was the exit door (i was sms-ing) ONLY TO FIND THAT IT IS REALLY THE GUYS TOILET DOOR THAT I OPENED. Luckily no one in there peeing. Seriously. I am damn thankful for that. Imagine if i opened and someone is peeing at those stand cubicle and then someone barge in and then they turned to look! Omg.

I faster faster close back the door and then looked left and right to see if anyone saw. Lol. The thing is, the  space between the classrooms is full with students but everyone is busy doing their own stuff. HAHAHA. Wait. I haven't get to the bodoh part. THERE IS ACTUALLY REALLY NO DOOR TO THE EXIT. IT'S JUST A SPACE TO WALK OUT. 


Yeap. Speechless. Haha anyway, if i go on and on about my embarassing stories, i can seriously publish a book. But most of the time i forget about them, because it's too many. Only SERIOUSLY memorable ones... which you would never know. LOL.

Okay. Enough syok sendiri. I know i haven't been updating much, malas la.... hehe.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


You know before i knew what FTW really stands for, i thought it stands for FUCK THE WORLD.

Yeah i know, so emo LOL.
 I only knew that it is really For the Win when i started seeing so many people using it along with happy lines. Like 'boots FTW'. boots fuck the world? O.o So one day, when too many people are using it, i asked CY. 
Eh what FTW stands for ar.
For the win lah bodoh. 
Huh? O.o What is that

Major slap on forehead. Anyway, i think the phrase Fuck The World sounds better than For The Win! I used it today! And it is not vulgar at all. It is like a secret phrase for myself.

Hmm. A lot of things happened this past week. Things that are FML material. My college friends already knew what happened. San rei dini, i will tell you all the next time we catch up kay.

The only thing is, will i have more people clicking "i agree, your life is f***ed" OR "you deserved that one"?

You know how when you read FML, you cannot help but to laugh out loud. The stories are so WTF you cannot help to laugh. For example, there is this guy who had spent a few hundred dollars to flew from USA to surprise his girlfriend who is on a conference in NZ. But upon arriving at the airport, he got a message from his girlfriend breaking up with him. I dunno about you, but i laughed.
But then when YOU are actually the one writing the posts, and these stuff are really happening to you. It is really not funny at all. 
Not a single bit.

I dunno about you. But i find reading the news funny too. The war. The guy who came home drunk and killed his breadwinner wife for not having sex with him, and then proceeded to have sex with her dead body. Okay. That is sick.
Seriously. Not that any of these news are funny. It is depressing. I just find humans really weird. From this i quote Mr. Lim "Do all the funny funny thing."
I also find it amusing how at different parts of the world, a totally different situation is happening. At Africa, a 4 year old is slowly dying of poverty. Then at LA, a teenage girl just bought a 5000 dollar dress. And at another part, some country is fighting another country due to a disagreement over some issue.

Anyway i told myself long ago, face it, life is like that. For me, i just accept it because there is not much i could do anyway. I am not Obama or something. What i can only do is to live my life the way i want.

On a much lighter note, i found a really suitable emoticon for Mr. Lim!!

Wanna take a guess this is which favourite phrase of his? LOL

Friday, April 3, 2009

I cried yesterday


When Megan is eliminated from American Idol. 


She is my favourite ok.
Damn like her quirkyness and unique singing voice and style.
And she is so pretty (L)

I also just found out yesterday that she got baby already. =( At the end of the show, she shouted out "baby, im coming home!", tearing a little.

So touching right *sniffs. How can i not know that she has a baby already!
'Like helloow, i am her biggest fan'

Some youtube people say it was inappropriate that she do all those funny expressions in the show. But she was just being herself! The quirky cute Megan. The contestants so sad that she's leaving too. Everyone loves her! *defensive.

Anyway Megan, i love you! =D bodoh american idol.

Here is her singing Put your Records on. My favourite performance. She looks a bit like Reese Witherspoon dont you think. But i feel megan prettier =D

I will miss her! Hopefully someone will sign her up so her fans (like me) can still listen to her.

PS: Kiki is sick! She keep on shitting liquid and vomitting. I dunno why. Shouldnt be food poisoning. Feed her dog food only. Bringing her to vet now. =/

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Oh God. Finally i am online. I feel so disconnected from the outside world throughout this past week of being offline. I have tonnes of work to do so all my time is spent with going to college, cy, friends, homework, study. Amusing how i still sleep more than 8 hours a day and still feel really sleepy. 

Sleep too much.

Anyway, i did a psychology test yesterday to test whether my character is more masculine or feminine. And i am leaning more towards the feminine side. Yay! I dont see why someone should be upset about it if their test scores prove that they are more feminine. So what? Even more if you're a girl. If you're upset, it means you have the mindset that being feminine is weaker than masculine. So demeaning right. Actually nothing what, it just actually means that your character is more feminine lah. Each have their own characters and traits.

Hmm..i think i didnt blog for too long. I dont even know what to blog now. I write more often in my diary because i am personal like that! haha.

Actually got. My sister's bf bought a toy poodle puppy!


My first expression was like this =O

Then =)

Then =S

Then =D 

Haha. In detailed, i am shocked because it is so out of nowhere. I was doing my homework like a good girl (lol) and then my sis came back and stand beside me with a senyum kambing. My back was facing my outside sliding door so i had no idea she brought back a puppy until my mum came out looking like =D and said teddy lei jor!! haha. means teddy is here btw. Then i turned expecting to see the ghost of teddy or something, and it's really her. A mini her standing at the door. =)

And then the cage is cleaned, and everything is reverted to a dog friendly house again. I am quite not ready yet. Need time to take in okay. So weird. Just the day before, i was missing teddy damn alot and was feeling really sad of her death and swelled up. =/ Hmm. Like it's all planned out huh.

Anyway, i should be HAPPY! =D She is really small and cute. She dont walk one. Hop around like bunny one. Damn funny watching her. She so excited. I have a feeling she is more active than Teddy lol.

Hmm and i brought her to the vet yesterday. Feel damn mixed inside when i told the vet it is a new puppy. Not that the vet said anything but i feel so self concious. =( Hmm. Whatever. I stand on my ground. It is not like we think that a dog's life is not precious. Of course it is. Teddy is a part of our family, of our lives. We're sad and angry of ourselves too and we know it was our fault for not being careful enough. =( But it doesn't mean we just play play simply simply. We're giving our love. We still can have another dog and love her as much equally. So i stand on my ground.

Anyway her name is Kiki! Other names for auction before this is Camry (my mum suggestion lol), milky, sandy, gucci (LOL), and bunny. Her colour is off white. Abit creamy and have patches of darker colour at the body and head. Pictures when i can take a good picture of her! She keeps moving around lol.

Till next time. Hello mathz....Integrating trigonometry!!!!! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



BODOH JOEL -.- lol

No time to update. Be right back.

PS FYFurtherI: I was doing homework with CY in CoffeeBean la if you really wanna know. =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lee's outs

Yeap my result are out! woo 20A1s!!!!! =D

Haha yeah a-level results are out babe. One day after SPM, last Friday. 4Bs 3As for 7 papers. =( Not good but kinda expected already. I was disappointed of my Chemistry 2. I resit that paper and got lower. Wtf T_T felt so guilty. Haih. But that aside im glad for my physics. Not great but good enough for me. =)

And also my maths got both Bs =( My fault cuz i underestimated maths and concentrated on science subjects. Dai sei. And for my uni, i NEED to get A for maths to enter O_O Feel like an asshole now.

So, i had decided to resit two papers of maths only. Thats all.

Doesnt matter if my chemistry get B, well i aiming for B at least because thats what i need to get in T_T shit im so scared i cant. Concentrate on Maths and tryy to get A for physics.

Kay, me aside. CONGRATS if you're happy with your good results! =D And if you're sad, let's emo nemo elmo together kay. Dont worry, it's just a levels only ma. =)